Help us give donations to Samaritan's Purse so that they can give gifts to children who really need it this Christmas.

Who We Are

We are a primary school, who want to help Samaritan's Purse with their annual project, Operation Christmas Child. This following scripture shows that it's good to be a good samaritan and that is what we are working towards.

The Good Samaritan - Luke 10:25-37

A Jewish man was taking a trip alone and was attacked by robbers. They beat him, robbed him of everything he had, and left him nearly dead beside the road. After, a Jewish priest came along and saw the poor man lying beside the road. The man had completely ignored him and kept going. After many other people walked past, finally, a Samaritan man came by. They hated each other as the Samaritan came from a different race of people than the Jews. They had considered each other enemies for hundreds of years and refused to even talk to each other! Yet the samaritan was the only one who stopped to help him.

What is Samaritan's Purse?

Samaritan's Purse is a non-profit Christian organisation that devotes it's time to disaster relief projects, development projects and Christian ministry projects. Every year at Christmas time, Samaritan's Purse works on a project called Operation Christmas Child.

What is Operation Christmas Child?

Operation Christmas Child is one of Samaritan's Purse's amazing projects. It's aim is to give children who are living in poverty, conflict, starvation, etc gifts at Christmas time. For this organisation to do so, they need people to volunteer to put together a small shoebox with some items in it. These items consist of toys, school supplies, non-liquid hygiene items and accessories.

How to Help Us Help Them

You can help us help the children in need this year by either making a money donation or donating NEW OR UNUSUED items small enough to fit in a shoebox such as toys, stationery, sport equipment and clothes. We kindly ask for all donations to be made to our school by Friday 27th November. When you are donating, please bring the item or money to our school office at 30 Angus Street, Hadfield, 3046.

Guide Lines To Remember When Donating

There are some things that you can not put into the shoeboxes because you might scare the child, since they live in areas of conflict and disaster. Some things that you can not put into the shoe boxes are:

  • Used items
  • War-Related Items (toy guns, knives, military figurines, etc)
  • Any Food/ Medications/ Vitamins
  • Even though there are many restrictions on the items that can be sent, there are many items that can be given to the children. These items are:

  • Stationery (pencils, pens, textas)
  • Pencil Cases
  • Water Bottle
  • Books
  • Hair Accessories
  • Clothes (to fit a child between the ages of 10 & 14)
  • Shoes (to fit a child between the ages of 10 & 14)
  • Games (board games, cards, skipping rope, lego, marbles, yoyo, etc)
  • Toothbrush
  • Dolls/ Stuffed Animals
  • Sport Equipment (downball, deflated soccer/football ball with pump)
  • Sunglasses
  • Contact Us

    If you have any further questions please ring our office.

    School: St Thomas More Primary School, Hadfield

    Ph: 9306 6225